Elizabeth Duncan Ragsdale

"My love for creativity has always been an instinctive passion that is constantly evolving from project to project and across many mediums. Creativity drives my life and surroundings, leading me to develop new ideas and plans for the next project."


Loyal friend, proud Memphian, history enthusiast, big picture gal.

Channeling her relentless passion and time tested creativity, nothing excites Duncan more than a problem to solve.  What is outrageous and unusual to the regular Joe has become her norm and she doesn’t blink an eye when asked for the impossible.

Having an artistic origin in graphic design she will often buy items that are of no use to her but are packaged beautifully, while occasionally stopping herself from mentally re-designing restaurants and shops that she frequents because she sees things beyond the norm.

Opinionated, observant, genuine and somewhat obsessive - creative freedom is her way of life while in her spare time she can be found sketching for joy, absorbing movies for inspiration or walking historic cemeteries around the globe.

And people call her when they need a creative, experienced team that delivers on time and within budget.

Think. Collaborate. Create